Right now two former interns are suing major publisher Conde Nast, claiming they weren't' paid minimum wage. The lawsuit is one of many similar lawsuits stemming from the controversy surrounding internships, with many claiming the programs are a legal way of employing slave labor. Both students and representatives of creative/media industries have been enduring the difficult battle. However Alec Dudson is addressing the issue with a dose of its own medicine; he's starting a magazine. Intern Magazine.

“The publication’s intention are twofold,” he said to It'sNiceThat. “Firstly to be a tactile showcase for the brightest intern and unpaid talent entering the creative fields as professionals. And secondly to initiate an important debate about the current culture of internships and its potential implications for the creative industries.”

Alec and others have produced the Issue Zero newspaper in order to give readers a peek at what he has in store for the future. It includes wonderful layout and design. It is slated to be a magazine via a Kickstarter (which has a tendency to work out best for creative projects). Although the publication was based on a polarizing issue, the paper is welcoming and very glass half full.

[via ItsNiceThat]