Alec Baldwin is making an unexpected career move. The 30 Rock actor has been on the prowl for an art gallery he can call his own in Tribeca. He said some interesting things during a quick interview at the opening of a Gallery 151 photography exhibit. “If you’re not going to sell shirts with polo ponies on them and make a billion dollars, then sell something you really dig,” he said. “With art, I’m tempted.”

The actor admitted that he has been talking with a young friend who happens to be an art dealer. “An art gallery [of my own] would be really cool,” he said. Why Tribeca? Baldwin he preferred the area of Manhattan because Chelsea is “too saturated.” He wants to sell photography, though he has a concern that “the art market fluctuates quickly." But he still said, "I’m interested in the photography market right now and we’ve slowly looked [for a gallery space]."

Although Baldwin's venture into the art world will be a first, he is already a celebrity who doesn't take fame sitting down. He has talked about running for New York City mayor in the past and he writes columns for Huffington Post. He is also very open about criticizing journalists, but we're not going there...

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