If you find yourself in Western Germany soon, you can sleep in a work of art. Ai Weiwei has invited visitors to crash in his installation Aus der Aufklärung ("Out of Enligtenment), a piece that consists of 1,000 tents along the Emscher river as part of the Emscherkunst.2013 festival.

The tents are decorated with different Ai Weiwei works. Ai Weiwei explains on the festival's website, "It was important to create a colourful and carefree ambiance, and most importantly: not to leave a permanent mark on the land. This project is all about communication and interaction, not production." By inviting people to camp in his tents, Weiwei takes the installation's environmental agenda one step further. It is no longer something you look at but something you do.

[via: HuffPost]

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