Now that the dust has somewhat settled after yesterday's super hyped and oft-discussed A.P.C. KANYE release, A.P.C. founder and resident insane human being, Jean Touitou, has given his first post-drop interview to to discuss the collaboration. Jean is well-known for saying Kanye-level shit in interviews and he does not disappoint. Not only does he deny the claim that there were pieces in the collection which were originally intended to be produced then cut at the last minute, but he also says that Kanye designs with the intent of submitting anything he touches into something ridiculous called the "Kingdom of Dopeness". You can't make this shit up, people. Touitou doesn't stop there. He contends that he hates the idea of "celebrity," and follows "no god, no celeb, no master, no myth." WOW. This truly is the collaboration that keeps on giving.