Oh, you haven't heard of 40oz Van and his snapback empire, 40oz NYC? Where the hell have you been? The blogger-turned-designer has parlayed his NSFW Tumblr into streetwear's must-have hat. To find out how he accomplished every Internet kid's dream, getting rich off re-posting picture on the Internet, Jay Z's Life + Times caught up with Van and discussed his hats amongst other topics.

Sure, we all call him "Van" like it's real name, but he got the name from his favorite footwear choice as a youth.  "The “Van” part was because I use to wear a lot of Vans when I was younger, so the “Van” was always there," the designer said.

But, we shouldn't refer to Van as a designer, that's not how he sees himself. "I don’t claim to be a designer. It’s not my passion. It’s just something that I was nice at. It was an idea in my head and I just ran with it," Van said.

A lot of collaborations have popped up, and that's Van's intentions, he wants to reach out to everyone doing the same thing as him. "But with this whole streetwear fused with the high-end shit there’s people doing the same thing we’re doing, so it’s only right to collaborate with everybody else in the same field or that same bracket," Van said.

Click here to read the rest of the interview, and find out which brand of jackets he spent 10 stacks on in his high school days.

[via Life + Times]

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