Poop is a necessary part of everyone's lives, but it's not something we would normally want to play with. From its smell to its texture, nothing about fecal waste is attractive. Israeli designer Yariv Goldfarb challenges this repulsion with the "Play with Poop" project, a 3D printed set of molds that can be used to build shapes and models.

Although Goldfarb's poop molds are convincing enough to be mistaken for real feces, they are printed in more familiar shapes such as triangles and squares. Using the building blocks, the artist created miniature replications of well-known landmarks throughout Tel Aviv, Israel and photographed the two subjects together to portray their similarities and differences. Once people recognize the replicas, they will never look at poop in the same way.

Check out the different poop molds in the video below:

[via Designboom]