This Post O'Alls shirt is done up in black watch seersucker, which should give you an erection because seersucker is a really comfortable fabric and black watch is, like, the sexiest pattern ever. A lot of sites will give you the etymology of the word seersucker and explain what makes it such a great fabric for summer. But fuck that noise. All you need to know about seersucker is the fact that it’s SUPPOSED to be super wrinkly. YOU NEVER HAVE TO BE GOOD AT FOLDING OR IRONING YOUR CLOTHES. I don’t limit the rumpled look to seersucker because my personal style is "elegantly disheveled" or whatever is the cool guy way to say "looks like shit". The key to justifying any look is to have an empty descriptor at hand. “Dude, why are you wearing all gray everything?” “I’m going for a ‘quiet style’.” No one knows what the fuck you mean, but they also don’t care even remotely enough to dig any further.