There are hordes of people who wish they had sweet dance moves like Mick Jagger, but how many people wish they had a flowing mane like the singer, too? A lock of the Rolling Stones frontman's hair is going up for up for auction next month and could supposedly fetch over $3,100 dollars. Although you won't be able to actually look as cool as Jagger by buying his hair, owning a piece of the rock star's legacy might put an extra bounce in your step.

The clippings will be available at auction house Bonhams and is said to be procured by a former girlfriend, Chrissie Shrimpton, in the '60s. That's vintage hair, bro. If half-decade-old hair is your thing, get your stacks up and place these follicles on the mantle. Who knows, it might be your good luck charm. And don't think this is a crazy attempt to cash in on the rocker's game. A similar clip of bandmate Keith Richard's hair recently sold for over $1,400. Let's see where this snippet of music history ends up.

[via Daily Mail]

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