Photographer Michael David Murphy and his wife Alyson West started "We Are the 15 Percent" as a response to a Cheerios commercial titled "Just Checking", in order to create exposure and awareness for the rising number of interracial families in the United States. The ad caused heated controversy and debate among viewers as they discussed the featured biracial family, and inspired the couple to begin a Tumblr dedicated to posting photos of the growing group of American families. According to data from the 2008 census, 15% of new marriages are interracial, and yet, audiences could not get used to viewing a biracial family in a mainstream commercial. While the U.S. continues down its road as a melting pot, the percentage has risen more than twice since 1980, and is an indication that citizens of 2013 must adjust to the less divided world of today.

Watch the Cheerios ad below:

[via WeArethe15Percent/TIME]