How many sides of San Francisco have you seen and experienced? San Jose-based photographer Wayne Dollemore has documented "24 hours in North Beach" in 310 selected images, picked from a total of over 1400 photographs. Beginning at 4 a.m., Dollemore completed his shoot only when his watch showed 4 a.m. again, completing a full 24-hour day cycle with zero sleep and minimal rest.

Exploring the North Beach neighborhood, he was able to observe activities according to the time of day. Various people and happenings passed him by as the sun rose and then set to welcome evening, and some remained anonymous while others struck up a conversation. His resulting images, featuring the young, old, homeless, tourists, and more, reflect the multi-faceted nature of San Francisco.

Describing the challenging process of his solo journey, the photographer expresses, "My senses are enhanced and hindered at different times of day. My vision is impaired at night but hearing and smell take over, especially outside bars. During the day my vision is enhanced but my hearing is impaired (or maybe overwhelmed) as life takes over. These sensations kept my adrenaline pumping."

[via PetaPixel]