Do you guys remember when Vice was basically "Do’s and Dont’s" and articles about being at a bondage club or on a porn set or at a medical marijuana clinic? That’s when I was like, “I want to be a freelance writer.” NOT ANYMORE. Their latest fashion editorial, which has since been taken down, features models portraying famous women writers that killing themselves. Yeah, Vice went full suicide for its Women in Fiction issue! WHERE DO YOU EVEN THINK THE EDITORS AND STYLIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER WERE GOING WITH THIS ONE? I feel like to be blissfully unaware of the tastelessness that is involved in shooting a suicide editorial, you have to not be of this world. Like, when you get interviewed and they ask about your dream job, you say something ridiculous like, “Oh, definitely, ice skating on the moon.” I’m sure in some way the people over at Vice were all Vice-y about it like, “Hey, it’s art.” And figured that the buttons it pushed and the uncomfortable feelings that arose upon viewing were are all intentional, in a sense, to highlight the loss of these talents and expose societal taboos about suicide and death. YEAH, BUT THEN THEY WENT AND TITLED IT “LAST WORDS” AND CREDITED THE CLOTHING. “Get these totally killer suicide outfits at your local Urban Outfitters now!” As if walking into an Urban Outfitters wasn't already depressing. Thanks for nothing, Vice.

You can read Vice’s statement on the now deleted editorial here.