Over the past couple years, the athletic world has seen an increase in the use of Kinesio Tape, a type of bandage specifically made to treat injuries. Athletes have placed the therapeutic tape, that comes in a multitude of colors, on their problem regions, even creating whacked-out designs. 

The fashion world is also no stranger in soaking up inspiration from sports, but we were privy to a first at Versace's Milan Fashion Week show. The Italian luxury brand sent its models down the runway in a variety of suits and other garments from its spring/summer 2014 collection. But the models looked like they had just received treatment from an athletic trainer, with their legs, arms, and chests slapped with a rainbow of colors of Kinesio Tape. But it didn't stop there, some models even had the tape placed all over the garments they were wearing.

Now, this was all upstaged by the streaker at the Dolce & Gabbana show this weekend, but while atheletes clearly want to be stylish, it's interesting to see the fashion world's response to the intersection of sports and style.

[via Dis Magazine]

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