Versace has a rich history in hip-hop. The brand's Medusa-faced logo has found its way onto the backs and into the lyrics of many of the genre's most touted emcees. But the symbol of the Italian luxury company just took a new twist, and it's a little more "all-gold" than you're used to.

Trinidad James, with word that he'd be getting into the fashion world, has already found his way onto a T-shirt—crooked teeth, bandanna, wild hair, and all. The rapper's mug replaced Versace's familiar Medusa logo for a T-shirt from his Gold Gang line. And even better, the rapper wore the tee yesterday. For those keeping score, that's two Trinidad James faces at once. We've seen the rapper make some interesting fashion choices lately, he even wore an apron on stage, but would you wear a shirt with your own face on it? If your'e as stylish as the Atlanta rapper, you might as well go for it. If you're not that brave, you can always buy this shirt, and it's available here for $30.

[via trinidadjamesgg]