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Tonight the Oscars of fashion, the CFDA Awards, took place and anyone with a self-proclaimed "passion for fashion" that isn't a struggling magazine intern was definitely paying attention. While the designers from Public School snagged the Swarovski Menswear award, the other big category is the CFDA's prestigious Menswear Designer of the Year Award.

This year, past winner and #menswear stalwart Michael Bastian was up against Steven Cox and Daniel Silver of Duckie Brown and the patron saint of cropped suits, Thom Browne.

Looks like that whole shrunken silhouette isn't going anywhere, because Thom Browne took the damn thing home. 

That's right, the man behind the safety pin blazer, Usher's $1,090 jacket, and Stewie Griffin's $3,000 cardigan is the best menswear designer in America. So sayeth the fashion gods, and they have made it so.