Detroit is currently going through a boom with a slew of development projects aimed at making the city a powerhouse on the U.S. economy scene. Along with the business side of the city's transformation, there is also a cultural shift occurring in which members of the art community are trying to establish Detroit as mecca of artistic activity.

The Red Bull House of Art endeavors to help that happen. Curated by Matt Eaton, the gallery is responsible to developing and showcasing local artists, providing creative people space to work. The house also takes part in a city wide initiatives that aims to open galleries, workspaces and other platforms to the public every month. It also brings in influential artists for lectures.

It is the house's intention of facilitating a revitalization of the once thriving art scene in Detroit. They provide the necessary facilities to artists who hope to share their unique vision with the world. Above you can see artworks shown by the gallery.