Years In Business: 19
Established: 1994

When James Jebbia opened Supreme in 1994, he probably didn't expect the brand to be where it is today. Not only is it a beacon for all hypebeasts and streetwear nerds everywhere, the brand also gets nods from well-respected style writers and creative directors in fashion. There weren't that many business around when it opened up its storefront on Lafayette St. Today, the block is filled with retailers.

The brand has long since moved from making just T-shirts. Through the years it has collaborated with big names in both fashion and art. You can count Thom Browne, Comme de Garcons, Jeff Koons, and Damien Hirst on that list. Today it's practically become a full–on lifestyle brand offering items like inflatable rafts. If you want to talk about a brand that has its finger on the pulse of everything and knows what's coming before it happens, it's Supreme.