Most stylish moment: Destroying Busy Bee onstage at Harlem World; looking fresh while doing it

In 1981, Kool Moe Dee was busy revolutionizing rap with his quick-tongued technique, releasing "Feel the Heartbeat" with the Treacherous Three. He stood out in that group not just for his pioneering fast rapping, though, which lay waste to Busy Bee at an onstage at Harlem World nightclub this same year-his sense of style outshined his bandmates as well. He hadn't yet made those imposing sunglasses his mainstay, but he was already killing it with the Kangols cocked to the side. Even creased Lee jeans made sense when Moe Dee wore them; it might have been the fresh-to-death MD nameplate belt, which seemed to say, "The doctor is in, ladies."