6. Scott Schuman

Schuman's ongoing project "The Sartorialist" has been a mainstay of the fashionista enclave since its induction. But to label The Sartorialist solely as an ongoing catalog of fashion trends would be a vast understatement. Schuman's straight photography of street fashion and high fashion has not only cast its influence through the stylistic undertakings of its habitual visitors, but has contributing to creating an archival typology of trends (e.g., "If You're Thinking About..." posts). If you're familiar with his work, you know he is a fan of a bold sock, appropriately fitted outerwear, and a vintage photo with a rich story. His hallowed lens rewards dressers both adventurous and classic, reminding us all of the uniqueness of our own wardrobes.

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Above: The Sartorialist, 2005—ongoing