49. Hiroshi Sugimoto

Myths often accompany the work of legendary artists, and Sugimoto and his 2003 series Joe are no different. In the summer of 2003, Sugimoto traveled to St. Louis to photograph the Tadao Ando-designed Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts Building. Legend has it that on the way there, he was distracted by Richard Serra's public sculpture Joe, named after Joseph Pulitzer, Jr. and the first of Serra's Torqued Spiral series. The result is a number of hand-pulled prints that Sugimoto describes as the "transformation from the three-dimensional steel source sculpture to the thin layers of what I would call my 'silver sculpture.'" Serra's minimal and monumental sculpture has been collapsed into silver gelatin abstract geometries of light and shadow, which in their printed reincarnation become another phenomenological experience of their own.

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Above: Joe, 2003