38. Carter Mull

In a time when film is on the out and photography is most accessible through cell phones, Mull is making his mark in the digital age. Mull coined the term "analog Photoshop," which caught on in 2003 as a means to describe the ubiquitous mode of image manipulation and production that Adobe Photoshop provides to the masses. Mull is grappling with photography through process, questioning exactly what constitutes a photograph and a photographer, His images are sourced from a range of materials, from the Los Angeles Times to human hair, dust, and fake jewels. Philippe Vergne, director of the Dia Art Foundation, says Mull "is pushing the tradition of pictorialism to a new limit.... The layering of materials suggests entropy, that we are always in flux, and that everything we think is here permanently is bound to disappear."

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Above: Before and After, 2009