15. Lorna Simpson

The Brooklyn-born Simpson began working as a street photographer and has traveled a long distance since. Her practice has expanded to include felt works, films, drawings, and photography; when installed, they inhabit a space of their own and become more than just pictures on walls. Parts of her current Blues for Smoke exhibition take on the form of small framed photographs in amorphous wall clusters. Some of the tiny frames are filled with photographed culled from eBay and flea markets, while others are enclosed only by the empty black backing of an old photo album. Simpson's alternative means of photo collection and archiving has become a central motif in her work. Her May June July August, '57/'09 series, some of which was mounted at the Brooklyn Museum in 2011, began as an incorporation of hundreds of found photographs of African-Americans that Simpson then reenacts to subvert the assumption that "archival materials are objective documents of history."

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Above: Please remind me of who I am, 2009

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