Recently it came to my attention that “Blurred Lines,” the Robin Thicke single featuring T.I. and an ageless Pharrell, reached #1 on the Billboard charts. This isn’t surprising—the song is a good, easy summer jam that I would definitely listen to after I chugged a beer on a rooftop somewhere and tried to make out with someone. It also helps that Billboard’s new charting structure takes into consideration the number of plays on YouTube and “Blurred Lines” has a buzzy, uncensored video complete with topless dancers riding bikes and gingerly grinding on the son of the dad from Growing Pains. Sounds sexy, right?

Well...sort of. Unfortunately, “Blurred Lines” falls into a long list of music videos that tried really hard to be sexy, but ultimately fell flat, sliding awkwardly into the categories of sad, ill-advised, or worst of all, really fucking creepy. Let’s review some more of the Least Sexy Sexy Music Videos of All Time.

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