To be sure, the popover is an American classic. It's a timeless and smart addition to any man’s wardrobe made famous by the East Coast stunters of old, yada yada yada, you know the fucking drill. By now though, everybody has got their fix of Gant and Mashburn popovers. No disrespect—those are some ill wizard brands to contend with, but if you’re in the market for a new popover it’s about time you cast your eye on one of the maybe five and a half Australian brands currently running the game out here in K-town. (The K is for "Kangaroo" in case you weren’t sure where I was going with that one).

Owen & James have made a couple additions to their trademark popover line and this shit embodies Australian multiculturalism at its best—Japanese chambray, Italian cotton, German interlinings and American manufacturing all combine to make some of the skrongest casual shirts you’ve ever seen. With 4 colorways and in a range of fabrics, these shirts will ensure you have at least ONE item of clothing that doesn’t bring shame to your overbearing Asian family.