Vans and Haro team up to drop a bomb.

Bob Haro didn’t invent freestyle BMX, but he invented the freestyle BMX bike. He tweaked the dimensions of his race bike frame, added reinforcements, and thus created the Haro Freestyler. In 1982, the first production frame was manufactured in Fullerton, CA—less than 10 minutes away from where Vans had opened its first store, in Anaheim, in 1966.

In the world of BMX, Haro’s green-and-blue color scheme would become every bit as recognizable as Vans’ signature side stripe. And as BMX pioneers, Haro and Vans were a natural fit. So when Haro assembled a team, it made sense that they would wear Vans. Dennis McCoy, a ripper from Kansas City, MO, sported them for a Hacienda Heights shoot with famed BMX photographer Windy Osborn in ’86 (above). And it’s likely he has them on now. After a long interlude riding for other teams, the 46-year-old is back with both Haro and Vans as part of an all-new Legends Team.

To bring things full circle, Vans is rolling out a whole collection with Haro, from uniform-inspired shirts and pants to—the pièces de résistance—Sk8-Hi and Era sneakers done up in Haro’s signature palette. And if the two-tone Vans checkerboard pattern doesn’t pop enough, there’s also Haro’s unmistakable “Freestyler” script embroidered right on the heels. Look for the collaboration to hit stores on July 1.

1. Vans Era
2. Vans Sk8-Hi