On June 8, an asteroid the size of a truck whizzed a little too closely past Earth and had some of us scared out of our minds. But considering Asteroid 2013 LR6 was four times closer to Earth than the moon, perhaps there was some cause for concern—especially since that Saturday wasn't the first time a celestial body flew by so close to home.

A massive asteroid called 1998 QE2 had people worried it was doomsday on June 2. And perhaps the most alarming event of all, in February, an asteroid struck and exploded in Russia, injuring 1,200 and destroying hundreds of buildings.

With all of these foreboding asteroids dropping by, a fresh batch of hilarious "Earth Killer" Asteroid Memes were born—some poking fun at the supposedly apocalyptic asteroids and some ridiculing all the end-of-the-world soothsayers on the Internet. Here are some of our favorite ones. And hey, here's to being alive. 

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