Abercrombie & Fitch just can't catch a break. When the mall brand isn't being a douche to its employees, it's catching flack from a group even more annoying than itself: Taylor Swift fans.

The brand, which has a long history of T-shirt slogans that have come under fire, decided to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to Swift's serial dating reputation by printing a shirt that said, "#more boyfriends than t.s."

What started as a joke quickly turned into beef between the brand and the "Swifties," Taylor Swift's devoted fans. The fans posted a petition to get rid of the T-shirt, even prompting A&F's public relations department to record an answering machine message that says, “Thank you for calling Abercrombie & Fitch public relations. If you are calling regarding the Taylor Swift T-shirt, please note this is no longer available.”

This a win, we think? Maybe the Swifties aren't down with A&F's fuckery, or they could have hoped the tees come in bigger sizes—to no avail.

[via Buzzfeed]

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