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Tower Records may have shuttered in the United States, but in Japan, the once-massive entertainment chain is still kicking. For the summer music festival season, Tower Records and Stussy cranked out a an extra-rad collection—perfect for the chilled-out vibes and raging lifestyle that open fields and great tunes bring.

The collection features a tie-dye T-shirt and two other tees that read, "No Music No Life," but the jewel is the foldable chair—complete with Macho Man Randy Savage-esque fringe. You might not want to relegate this chair solely to muddy fields; you might give it a thorough scrubbing and bring it to your office. Don't mind the weird stares, they're just in awe of how much swagger your office-sitting game presents.

If you're not in Japan, your best bet is to holler at Stussy Japan's e-commerce site this Friday, June 7 to score this collection.

[via Freshness]