We've all had it happen to us before: We've spent an exuberant amount of time picking out the perfect outfit to go on a date or out to eat, and before we take the first bite out of the full-to-the-brim burrito, a shot of chorizo grease goes sliding down our freshly-washed linen shirt.

You could let out a string of curses and be be deeply-pissed inside, or you could have sprayed yourself head-to-toe in NeverWet, a new product that makes everything practically waterproof. The product is made by legendary spray paint brand Rusto-Leum, and, in its new promotional video, shows that a pair of white Vans sneakers can repel an onslaught of chocolate sauce. Now, you never have an excuse for stained clothing again. Ever.

And this item isn't just practical for clothes, the brand shows that you can spray a cardboard box and fill it with ice—making a cooler in the process. This is the summer barbecue essential that you can't eat, drink, or injest. It's $20 for a kit, but if you want one, head over to Home Depot