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Not only has Kate Moss blossomed in the fashion and photography world, she has also served as a substantial influence in the art world. The British supermodel, who made an appearance at Art Basel Hong Kong, has served as a muse for many artists. Now she is the inspiration behind a 3D hologram-like project.

Light artist Chris Levine collaborated with make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury for a work entitled "She’s Light (Laser), 2013." The work is a stunning portrait of Moss depicting her beauty in stillness. It is the centerpiece of a solo retrospective of Levine's work on display at the Fine Art Society in London. The exhibition is being held until June 15.

The artist has chosen very famous subjects like Queen Elizabeth II and Grace Jones for his works, depicting them at rest. “Every opportunity I got [to shoot a portrait], I tried to distill it back to just pure essence without any suggestion or iconography or anything,” he told TIME before his exhibit. “I’m experimenting with that and trying to get stillness in the image.”

[via TheArtNewspaperTime]

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