San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee endorsed a $700 million plan proposed by George Lucas to build a museum for the "Star Wars" director's art collection. The museum would be located in the Presidio district of San Francisco. Lee said in a letter to the Presidio Trust chair that the idea was “a unique opportunity," and was eager to make the plan a reality.

Sure it seems like Lucas is merely using his name to make the world bend over backwards for him, however the proposal is legitimized when considering his collection. He has amassed numerous paintings by Americana painter Norman Rockwell.

However, not everyone is as enthusiastic about the project as the mayor. Locals have complained that the museum will bring bothersome traffic into the city. The proposal is also competing with others from Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, a local architect and a museum consultant in Washington, D.C. But when it comes to those proposals, Lee said, “There really is no money or feasibility behind those ideas.”

Either way, Lucas still has cause to celebrate; he just married CBS News finance and economy analyst Mellody Hobson on Saturday. Congrats! May the marital force be with you.

[via SFGate]

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