Stratham, NH is a pretty popping place, thanks to Timberland. The footwear brand didn't just make its way on to everyone's feet this past year, it's also collaborating with some of the biggest names in the streetwear world. Everyone went crazy when word of an A$AP Rocky x Timberland 40 Below boot came about, and the same thing happened when we heard that Ronnie Fieg would be working on a pair of Timberland boots, too.

Now, Fieg has gone to Instagram to post the slightest preview of his work with Timberland: an image of the infamous Timberland hangtag featuring his "RF" logo on the leather-and-metal keepsake. For those thinking this is a pair of footwear just to garner your dollars, think again. Fieg was first introduced to exclusive Timberland boots when he sold a grey six-inch boot expressly-made for David Z. at the age of 14.

As for these boots, we have no clue which model it will actually be, but rest assured, you might actually need a pair of Timberlands to stomp over others to get a pair when they release.

[via Ronnie Fieg]