Shanghai-based photographer Rob Whitworth specializes in architectural and time-lapse photography, and since he created his first iconic work in 2011 featuring Saigon, Vietnam, his videos have gone viral. In approximately two minutes, Whitworth manages to show the minor to the major, the indoors and outdoors, and a multitude of other components in his images recorded over a duration of months.

The artist's most recent piece, "This is Shanghai," stars none other than his current home city, and takes the viewer through a fast-paced sequence that follows a continuous time flow through nights and days in the urban center. The photographer collaborated with JT Singh on this project, and his previous videos featuring the cities Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, and Hoi An can be viewed on his website. His skilled manipulation of creating images involves the use of high-power telephoto lenses and careful angling, as he successfully stages illusory moments of zooming in to enter spaces and zooming out to exit. Going from skyscraper to dumpling, ships to taxis, you will feel like you have experienced the city for weeks after watching this:

[via Colossal]