British Albanian singer Rita Ora has been showing up in a lot of fashion shoots the past couple years. She recently blessed Interview magazine readers with this stunning cover shoot by Damon Baker. The 22-year old Roc Nation artist glows in these sultry portraits and her trademark golden locks and red lips feature prominently.

Inside the magazine, Ora retells the best story ever about meeting the boss Jay Z for the first time: “He said Hello – and just in that moment, one of his bodyguards stepped on my shoes. Brand new Air Jordans…so I knelt down to rub them clean, ‘cause that’s what you’re supposed to do. But Jay-Z grabbed me by the shoulders, pulled me up and went: ‘Don’t ever do that. Come with me.’ And then…we went sneaker shopping. A whole suitcase of sneakers!”

The August issue of Interview drops June 19.

[via FashionGoneRogue]

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