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Ursus Wehrli is a Swiss artist and comedian who brilliantly mixes the to in his new book The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy. The book is basically a running joke displayed in interesting photography. One image presents images organically occurring objects or events, such as alphabet soup or clothes hanging to dry on a clothesline. The image is presented side-by-side with an interpretation of the same image except neat and tidy.

As you can see above, the images are an OCD person's dream. the humor comes with the extremity of neatness. One pair of images not pictured above shows people sunbathing in a park, then another with the people laying in lines with their belongings color coded.Also the joke becomes self reflexive, as one pair of images presents fish swimming in a pond along with another image of neatly organized fish sticks.

The book is an expansion of this running gag, which he's done before with Tidying Up Art and Tidying Up More Art in which he takes classic paintings and makes them neat. His sense of humor is great, and you can get in on the joke by getting a copy of his new book here.