New Orleans native Rashaad Newsome has a thing for precious metals and heraldry (systems that use coats of arms to designate rank). "Rashaad Newsome: King of Arms" is an exhibition opening at the New Orleans Museum of Art that serves as the third installment of his "Heraldry" series.

The artist uses collage, sculpture, and multi-media to combine themes of nobility and the culture of hip hop music. Gold-gilded frames, layered symbols, and armorial shields combined with gold chains and "second lines" as well as other elements create a narrative of power, culture, and tradition. Throughout the series, Newsome has moved up in rank and as a part of "King of Arms" will participate in a video coronation ceremony complete with dancers and musicians.

Check out some of Newsome's work above, including a piece that features New Orleans rap icon Juvenile. The exhibition runs at NOMA from June 21 through September 15.

[via HuffingtonPost]

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