Bikers have been represented in many different incarnations on the big and small screen. From Pee Wee’s Big Adventure to Sons of Anarchy, the archetype is usually the same: tough, tattooed, not to be messed with. But is this typical depiction of biker as brute really accurate?

Not for the Harley-Davidson® man. Don’t get us wrong, the Harley biker still embodies many of the same qualities of that classic archetype: strength, masculinity and independence. But the new generation of biker is also more sophisticated and style-conscious.

This modern biker is precisely who Harley-Davidson® created its Black Label® Collection for. The familiar style of Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® has been chopped, bobbed and redesigned to satisfy the latest generation of riders. "Black Label® is for those whose allegiance to Harley-Davidson® doesn't scream to be heard," says Karen Davidson, Harley-Davidson® General Merchandise Creative Director. This more subtle approach is a very welcomed contrast to certain other brands that seem compelled to beat consumers over the head with stereotypical “biker” flair.

From woven shirts to tank tops and Ts to the iconic vintage leather jacket, the new Black Label® Collection combines the rebellious with the refined. Its pieces are cut narrow through the chest, shaped at the sides and slimmer to the hip for a fit and feel that's unique and modern. In short, it exudes the understated style and subdued confidence of a biker that is anything but brutish.

The Black Label® Collection is available now at most Harley-Davidson® dealerships, as well as on the Harley-Davidson® website.