It is obvious now that "street art" will no longer be confined to the streets. More and more street artists are successfully making the transition to gallery walls, and two of the best to do it are about to team up for a joint-exhibition Jonathan Levine Gallery at the end of this month.

POSE and REVOK have been friends for a number of years and have worked together before. On June 29 the duo will open "Uphill Both Ways," a show that serves as a tribute to their late friend and fellow graffiti legend NEKST and that also, as POSE says, "sums up the human condition as well as hard earned personal experience."

If these preview photos are an accurate representation of the exhibition, then this is a must-see. The artists bring the same beauty, skill, and emotion to the gallery that they do in their murals. POSE summed it up perfectly in an interview with exhibit curator and co-author of The History of American GraffitiRoger Gastman. When asked why people should see the exhibition, he responded: "Just like graffiti, sex, drugs and everything else fun… it's only fun if you're there doing it in person."

Jonathan LeVine Gallery
529 West 20th Street – 9th floor
New York, NY 
June 29-July 27 

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