A man was arrested for vandalizing a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with spray paint at London's Westminster Abbey. A group protesting fathers being denied contact with their children named Fathers 4 Justice said the man who was arrested on suspicion of criminal damagenwas a member of the organization. He wrote "Help" with paint on the portrait.

"It was basically a dad that was desperate to see his kids in the run-up to Father's Day," the Fathers 4 Justice campaign director said. "He's decided to ask for help." However the director said the incident wasn't a formal protest on behalf of the whole organization.

The painting, created by Australia-born artist Ralph Heimans, was commissioned last year to celebrate the queen's 60 years serving on the throne. It has been removed until it could be restored. The work measures 9-foot by 11-foot and depicts the queen standing in the abbey where she was crowned.

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