Sure, you tell everyone you read Playboy for the articles, but now you you can read the magazine for the awesome streetwear collections it puts out. Or, something like that. The tastefully risque men's publication has apparently collaborated with A Bathing Ape on a collection for summer 2013. The extent of the collection is unknown right now, but a snapback and T-shirt have been previewed, and they feature co-branded logos with the Playboy Bunny getting an Americana update. Because what's more American than naked women and Japanese streetwear? 

You can display your love for high-profile nudity and camo-print legends at the same time. With Kate Moss rumored to pose for the publication's 60th anniversary issue, how awesome would it be to see the model strut her stuff , or at least pose, in this upcoming collection? Stay tuned for more details, we're sure this isn't something you'd want to miss out on.

[via Style Engine]