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After gaining a substantial audience on the West Coast, Portland-based artist Peter Gronquist is finally taking his talents to the East for the first time with a solo show in New York at ArtNowNY.

This show is an important one for Gronquist and is sure to be the first of many as he continues to build his reputation nationally. In addition to his fantastical and satirical paintings, One in a Million will showcase various 24 karat gold finished taxidermy sculptures. The sculptures often combine masculine, “hyper-American” elements like assault rifle antlers on the cute, innocent imagery of non-threatening animals. The idea of hyper-Americanism often creeps into Gronquist’s work and the juxtaposition of opposing elements provides for interesting interpretations of the artist’s work. 

One in a Million opens with a reception on June 6 and will be on view at ArtNowNY through July 6.

548 West 28th Street 2nd Floor

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