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Pete Wentz isn't afraid to cross the preconceived hip-hop/rock line when it comes to style. Not only has the Fall Out Boy member linked up with Ben Baller to get blinged-out accessories, but he also rocked a pair of Yeezy 2s. Keeping up with his high-end streetwear vibe, Wentz broke out a white Pyrex Vision hoodie.

The Virgil Abloh-designed brand has become common place amongst today's freshest rappers and anyone with a link to Kanye West, but Wentz's fearlessness to sport gear normally associated with the hip-hop world shows an interesting cross-section of rap and rock—not in some awful, pre-determined late '90s style, either. But, to be honest, Wentz is able to keep an important element of streetwear alive: He shows that the lifestyle that birthed the popularity of clothes with a message isn't simply for those who prefer their beats with a boom-bap. Anyone can get in on the act as long as their style is proper enough.

[via Pete Wentz]