Hennessy Very Special Cognac has allowed artists to redesign their label year after year, giving their already well-designed liquor bottle a unique creative edge each edition. The brand has collaborated with big names in the past, like KAWS and Futura (who we featured on a digital cover last year). This year, the liquor company is once again allowing artists present their own redesign. As Hennessy announced on Facebook, São Paulo-based twins Os Gemeos are responsible for the new limited release.

Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo make up Os Gemeos, which is Portuguese for "the twins." They are internationally renowned street artists, who count hip-hop and American graffiti as early inspirations. Their surreal murals of landscapes and various flattened characters have gotten them major recognition, exhibitions, and commissions, including at the Tate Modern's 2008 street art show and MOCA's 2008 Art in the Streets. They've drawn inspiration from their hometown of São Paulo, Brazil to present a colorful, layered label for the liquor brand. The newly designed bottles will be available this summer.

[via WheatCityMag / Facebook]