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It seems like a lifetime ago when streetwear fans were enthralled by almost impossible-to-obtain garments from graffiti artists, and feverishly collecting blind box and collaborative toys. But those days have passed. Earlier this year, word came out that KAWS and OriginalFake would shut down shop. Now, OF has closed shuttered its brand and retail store via an announcement on Medicom's website.

"OriginalFake is closing the brand and store today on May 31st, 2013. Thank you very much for your continuous support to OriginalFake in the past 7 years and all of the staff deeply appreciates your support from the bottom of our heart," The brand expressed.

Still, OF hinted that there might be something in works for the future as the brand stated, "It was an irreplaceable history for us to create OriginalFake. We will move on towards the next stage taking advantage of this great experience so we look forward to your continuous support."

However, if you want to get a few last pieces before OF is gone for good, the brand made it clear that its online shop will remain open until further notice.

[via Medicom Toy

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