As part of the "Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace Exhibition" to take place at the Victoria and Albert Museum from June 18 to October 20, Tel Aviv-based typographer and graphic artist Oded Ezer has created eight videos featuring alphabetic letters, human body parts, ambiguous actions, and transformations. The show attempts to create a "walk-in book" through which audiences can read a story by physically entering and passing through a space, filled with 20 original commissions from graphic designers and artists. The story being told, by author Hari Kunzru, is set in a fictional future London setting, centuries after a magnetic storm has wiped the world's information system.

Ezer's videos express fragmented memories that are scattered yet connected, as they are able to exercise an individual autonomy while simultaneously supplementing some unknown whole. The artist asks of viewers, "Do not look for an order or a sequence or, if you want to, do find one by putting together the fragments in total freedom...where days, months and seasons—and tales with them—mix following no apparent rule, in a time that cannot be just linear."

[via Designboom]