Have you ever wanted to play soccer at night with your friends, but there is no field in sight? Well, Nike Spain and the creatives over at Doubleyou have you covered, all you need is some pavement and a cellphone. In the video below, a group of soccer addicts whip out a cellphone and use an app to request that a specially-equipped van be routed to them. The van arrives, sets up a crane that holds the laser projection system, and voila!

But don't get too excited because selling shoes is their endgame. Soccer players in Spain are encouraged to visit mipista.es ("My Track") to reserve their own playing field, but the site also links to the NikeStore pages for the Lunar Gato II, Bomba Finale II, and Elastico Finale II models. While the idea of a digital sports field wherever it's needed sounds cool, we think the logistics could prove problematic. Unlike using projections in a gallery space or to promote your album, the mobility of this project would be its downfall. The cost of the technology and the vans would be astronomical, and there is no way that amateur players would pay the necessary fees to sustain it when they could just dodge cars the old-fashioned way. It's a cool marketing idea, but don't expect it to be around for much longer.

Check out the video below of system in action and, if you're in Spain, consider reserving your own while you can: 

[via PSFK]

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