The Hoffman Auto Showroom, designed by legendary architect and interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright and opened to the public in 1955, is now gone forever. Once located at 430 Park Avenue in New York City, the showroom displayed many European cars from the top brands, most notably Mercedes from 1957 until December of last year. 

The showroom was designed and built for Max Hoffman, official importer for Porsche and dealer of various other overseas models. The display ramps and other elements of the showroom were demolished by the current owners of the building during discussions about turning the space into a landmark. Both the Landmarking Commission and Mercedes expressed their shock at the demolition, but what's done is done. Though not considered a major work, the space was one of only three Wright creations in New York and a great piece of automotive and architectural history.

[via NYTimes/MetropolisMag]

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