Tokyo firm Klein Dytham Architecture's approach to Google's new Japan office was unorthodox but we think it came together nicely. The architects were influenced by Japanese festivals, bathhouses, fishponds, and timber houses when designing the structure's interior. The offices are located in the Roppongi Hills tower in Tokyo, which provided a lot of space. Though there are elements from other Google buildings used in the structure, the offices are meant to emphasize local history and culture.

What is first apparent when looking at Google's Japan structure is that each area has a different design theme. Then you will notice how youthful and contemporary the offices are with neat white ceramic tiles on the floor, computer station that resemble dressing tables, and the stunning painting of Mount Fuji. Some other design elements that are adventurous include a wall unexpectedly decorated with car wash brushes, a digital fish pond filled with interactive fish, as well as a a mobile food stall.

"Google request that each of their national offices around the world reflects the unique culture of its location," said architects Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein. "[Our] design for the earlier phases of the project had taken cues from the graphics of traditional Japanese fabrics and contemporary anime, but then Google requested an even more vivid evocation of Japanese culture."

[via Dezeen / Stupiddope]