It seems like forever since Supreme released the last photo tee. Ever since the Supreme their covetable plain box logo tee, these quickly have become the replacement. For those keeping tabs, model Kate Moss who appeared on the last one and those sold out quick.

If you are looking for clues as to who will appear on the next one, images surfacing on Japanese e-commerce site Rakuten might have what you’re looking for. The shots feature two images of Nas rocking the now retired box logo tee and hoodie. There are two possibilities here: They were a project that got scrapped, or they're an upcoming release. Perhaps they're a project that never came into fruition, in which case it'd be a damn shame.

However, if these are indeed the next images to grace the next photo tee series, the Queens rapper will be joining the likes of Raekwon, Lady Gaga, Dipset, Mike Tyson, and even Kermit the Frog to appear in the popular series. Japanese publications have a tendency of getting a first hand look at upcoming Supreme gear, so it may be legit. The photos are also shot in the same impromptu style as previous photo tees, but it's unknown when these flicks were taken.

But if these start getting wheat pasted all over downtown NYC, it's a sure sign that it's about to go down. And when that happens, get your chairs ready: If these appear on cotton, there will be long lines.

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[Rakuten via Gwarizm]