Tiffany Beveridge is an aspiring novelist, however she has gained popularity from her Pinterest board that contains photographs of children dressed as hipsters. People have gotten a few good laughs from her series  “My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter.” The board details the musings and adventures of Quinoa, the most stylish imaginary toddler you'll ever see, and some of her very stylish friends.

Each picture is accompanied with a short story riddled with hipster sarcasm we all know too well. Quinoa gives advice like: "If you're going to wear an oversized coat, wear oversized glasses to balance it out." Although Beveridge has been pinning the photos for about a year, only now has the world taken notice.

"The only thing that ever made me pine for another child was little girl clothes," she said to Mashable. "I started re-pinning cute things from people I followed on Pinterest, but when I started searching pictures on my own, that's when I discovered the high fashion, over-the-top images. They were begging for some sarcasm, and it kind of just grew from there."



Visit the board here.

[via Mashable]