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"Refuge le Nuage" is not only shaped like a cloud, but it also functions like one. Commissioned by Bruit du Frigo, Zebra3/Buy-Sellf originally created the mobile shelter as part of a project to build suburban shelters for the panOramas, le Parc des Coteaux en biennale in 2010. Since then, the moving wooden cloud has been used as a site for city camping, both in its original location in Park Hermitage and in various places throughout France.

The cloud, free of electricity, allows natural light to illuminate the indoors and is equipped with beds and alcove spaces that can host up to seven people. After two years of use as a mobile hotel, taking reservations for single nights only, the refuge was refurbished and continues its journey throughout France. Most recently installed in Paris, "Refuge le Nuage" will return to its site in Park Hermitage on May 29.

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